Intensive Course

Is it for you?

These courses are great if you want to get your driving licence quickly, but they are not for everyone. Can you take in a lot of information over a short time? Intensive can mean one week or one month, think about what would be suitable for yourself. There are no guarantees, there is still the same DVSA test at the end, but I will promise to give you the best training and get you to a high standard of driving. I enjoy teaching intensives and so have the pupils I’ve taught. It’s rewarding to see people go from a beginner, to having a driving licence in a short time!

Theory Test

You have to have completed this before you can do an intensive. Click on the link for the DSA for more information.

How does it work?

We will set up an hour and a half assessment with you. From this we can see how many hours it will take to get you to test standard. We then book your practical test and agree a plan of lessons leading up to it.

The test date will depend on DSA availability. Please keep in mind there can be up to a six week wait for test dates so please plan ahead and book early.

Intensive course prices excluding DSA test fee:

Assessment Lesson £35
10 hour course £230
20 hour course £460
30 hour course £690
40 hour course £920

As of July 16, the DVSA test fee is £62.00

All courses must be paid in advance and are valid for 12 months.

Please call for a chat if you are thinking about what to do!