Thank you Sam. My English is very bad, but you always had a lot of patience for me.
- M Sickle
Thank you for teaching our two daughters and giving us pointers for when we took them out driving ourselves, that was extremely helpful.
- L Keding
I writing on behalf of my two Aunties, who both passed this past year. They are both in their mid fifties and there English language is not perfect. Our family would like to thank you for your constant encouragement and patience. My Uncles did not think in a million years that they could pass!
- The Kumlar Family
Sam, I just wanted to say that the driving experience you provided was excellent, you were always patient, clear & concise with your instructions. But the main thing I found really helpfully and also nice was that you always looked at the positives, so for example when you had to use the brake on my behalf, you could of been negative but inside you clearly told me what I could have done to avoid you using the brake but also made sure you pointed out the good things I had done throughout the lesson.
- T Endersbee
After failing tests at the age of 17 and giving up, I decided to try again at the less "tender" age of 37. Sam was a great instructor, instilling me with confidence and giving lots of encouragement in a very positive way. Sam has endless patience and really made driving an enjoyable experience for me. Thanks Sam, for helping me tap back into some old skills and learn brand new ones...and most of all for getting me through my test!
- K Morgan
Why I put off learning until my forties I don’t know, but it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. Thanks to Sam, it was quite an enjoyable process!
- S Griffen
I had to gain my UK drivers licence, having been driving in the USA for twenty years. Sam made the transition so simple. Thank you for your time, on-going encouragement and good humour.
- B MacDonald
Sam taught my daughter and is now in the process of teaching my son. I have always found her to be professional, on time and very informative with my children’s lessons.
- M Shailer
I never thought I would enjoy keeping up to speed on the M25, but I now really enjoy it. I feel I gained experience and some great driving tips in my refresher lessons. Thank you very much, Samantha.
- L Hibbleton
Sam taught my sister, her best friend, her best friend’s boyfriend, my best friend, then her brother and except for me they all passed first time, I was chatting too much at the traffic lights and didn’t realise they had turned green, then back to red, I made it the second time though, with no chatting to the examiner! Sam, you are a star!
- R Snelling
I can now drive my kids to school instead of walking miles every day in the rain, so thank you, thank you, thank you! I know I was a pain in the butt and you even put up with my three kids in the back of some lessons. Brilliant teacher!
- A Milling
When my parents didn’t have faith in me, Sam did, so thank you very much for putting up with my screaming and letting go of the steering wheel occasionally.
- K Norton
I passed my test in 1985 and didn’t drive again till 2012, as my husband kept nagging me. I can’t say that I really enjoy it, but thanks to Sam, I now have the confidence.
- S Wilks
I would highly recommend Sam as an instructor. Her encouragement and patient whilst teaching me to drive was fantastic. After learning on and off for twelve years I had given up all hope of ever getting my licence. A friend gave me Sam's number and two months later I had passed!
- M Burton
Went out for winter driving lesson (Dec 10), what a blast. I feel so much more confident in handling icy and snowy conditions. To be honest I thought Sam was a bit crazy when she suggested that we drive around the car-park(empty!) in circles building up our speed! We made our own skid pan! It certainly helped with reactions, braking and steering technique. Also did plenty of little hill starts on snowy roads, no problem! Its all about the driver as Sam kept saying, not the car! Bring on the snow!
- L Cooper
Passed my test a couple of weeks ago with no minors. This weekend just had the best time doing pass plus with Sam. I felt more like I was doing advanced driving, it was brilliant. A real eye opener to motorway driving. Thanks for making it so interesting!
- M Winlow
Thank you so much for your time and patience. My wife and daughter both enjoyed driving with you very much.
- A Singh
I have to apologise for crying so much! Driving used to make me so nervous. Now I have a licence and its the best thing. My husband didn't even believe that I had passed until Sam told him. I feel so confident and I'm really enjoying driving!
- B Campbell
I have to say that I thought I was the worst driver ever. I went through three theory certificates and over twelve instructors and I lost count of the amount of tests I took. This year I was put in touch with Sam through my cousin and now I have my driving licence. I am so happy!! Sam's consistent way of coaching was a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much!
- J Krishna
Thanks Sam. Over the moon, passed first time! My Dad even sat in a few of my lessons as he didn't believe that I was safe on the roads.
- Charlie M
Passed my test first time today. Had a great time learning with Sam. She has the patients of a saint. I'm the third in the family to pass their test first time with Sam It took our parents three times! lol
Sam was a wonderful driving instructor! Coped with my panicky moments and my stupid moments with such patience and without taking an nonsense. I passed first time with no worries and can say that due to Sam I now enjoy driving, which is not something I would have said before i had her as my instructor. I will definately be recommending her to everyone!
My daughter passed her test 1st time with Sam in 2010. Sam is now teaching my son. Her enthusiasm for driving has given both of them confidence. She has prepared them well to deal with situations that arise every day on our busy roads. The lessons are well structured ensuring that the pupil encounters as many situations as possible. Feedback on the record card is clear and constructive. Sam has a great deal of patience and has made learning to drive positive experience. (For us parents too!!) I would certainly recommend her to anyone - nervous or confident! :-)
- Hildenbourgh Mum
I love driving. After having four children I never thought I'd get back in the drivers seat and enjoy it so much. I was very scared to begin with. Sam was so so calm. I know I probably pushed her to her limits, but she just kept smiling.
As a father of two girls, I was very worried about them starting to drive. A friend recommended Sam and she has been brilliant. She encouraged my wife and myself to sit in the car on their lessons, which has been very helpful.
- B Hall
At the grand old age of 64, I thought I would have some motorway lessons, as I have been avoiding them for so many years. Sam was a great help. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and can now go to Bluewater shopping. Thank you, so much.
- P Berry